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Activates the body’s natural healing abilities
Improves the overall functioning of the body’s immune system
Safe and effective

Mary Hurley - Acupuncture Watford - Profile

Over 20 Years Acupuncture Experience

She is a qualified in Acupuncture, Chinese Tuina Massage and Aromatherapy – and a member of The Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland (TCMCI).

Expertise in Pregnancy & Fertility Treatment

Embarking on IVF – or any fertility treatment – can be a very demanding and stressful experience. Kate provides the right physical, nutritional and emotional support which will minimise the stress and enhance your overall wellbeing. She is a fertility and pregnancy expert – and part of the Zita West affiliated network.

Treating a Wide Variety of Medical Conditions

Acupuncture treats a wide range of conditions including anxiety and depression, gynecological and digestive problems. Kate incorporates Acupuncture and Massage for muscular and skeletal injuries such as back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulders and repetitive strain injuries.

Kate is also experienced in facial rejuvenation, sometimes known as cosmetic acupuncture. This concentrates on points and muscles on the face to improve the skin elasticity and overall appearance.

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“Kate Hurley is my go-to acupuncturist
and she is just amazing.”

Beauty Expert Triona McCarthy

Kate is a member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland (TCMCI), the Zita West Fertility Network and Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy Ireland (AFPI):

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